Multiple podcasts: Create an additional podcast in Castos

Create and manage as many podcasts as you’d like within a single Castos account. Not only will each podcast have its own unique RSS feed, but listener analytics can also be tracked separately as well.


The following applies only to accounts that are managed from Castos. If you're managing your existing podcast from Seriously Simple Podcasting, you will not see the option to add a new podcast. To create a new podcast from Seriously Simple Podcasting, please review our article on Working with Series in WordPress.


Sign in to your Castos dashboard and click + New Podcast

Give your Podcast a title a click Continue

Begin the Getting Started Checklist


Integrating with Spotify will automatically place your Spotify show link within the Subscribe button on your Castos website and our embeddable Castos Player. 

If you've already submitted your show to Spotify via your own Spotify for Podcasters account, contact us at with your show ID and we'll get it integrated. 

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