Setting up YouTube Republishing

Castos gives you the power to automatically repurpose your podcast audio content into video format with our YouTube Republishing feature.  Available in our Growth package this is a truly "set it and forget it" way of repurposing your content and letting your podcast reach a wider audience via YouTube. 

To set up YouTube Republishing we'll want to do a few things:

  1. Sign up (or upgrade your account) to the Growth plan
  2. Connect your Castos account to the YouTube channel of your choice.
  3. Upload the thumbnail image that will be used as the background for each video
  4. Publish your podcast episodes as usual.

Now let's dive into each of these steps more closely.

1. Setting Up Your Account

If you're new to Castos you can do this by selecting the proper plan on our Pricing Page. If you're an existing customer then we give you the option to upgrade to Audio Plus in the YouTube Republishing section of the My Account area in your Castos dashboard.

There you'll see an option to upgrade your existing audio only account to the Audio Plus plan, which will unlock the YouTube Republishing feature.

2. Connect Your YouTube Account

Now it's time to connect your Castos account to the YouTube channel of your choice. Make sure your account (under is set to publish content in the length of your podcasts — the default is 15 minutes.  You can do this by clicking the "Connect to YouTube" button in the center of this page. This will take you to YouTube to complete the authorization for Castos to publish to YouTube on your behalf. 

This step only needs to be done once and creates a connection between the two applications.  

3. Upload your background image

Each of your new YouTube videos will have the same background image associated with them. This image needs to be 1280 x 720 px in size and can be JPG or PNG file formats. Upload this to the YouTube Republishing section of your Castos dashboard and you're all set. It is not possible to have a different image for each episode.

The final view you see should look something like this:

Important Note - Verify your YouTube Account

If this is a new YouTube channel for you then you MUST first Verify your YouTube channel and account before uploading videos of more than 15 minutes. Please check out this article to help guide you through that verification process in YouTube:

If this is not done prior to the publishing of your first episode on Castos then that Republishing will not be successful, so this is a good step to take before you do anything else.

Republishing Steps

Now that your YouTube account is verified and connected to Castos all you have to do is publish your podcast episodes as you would normally and we'll take care of everything else. Once your episodes are published in Castos each of the episodes will automagically get converted to video format with the background image you uploaded before, and sent to your YouTube channel.  

You can get the link to individual episode videos by clicking the Link icon in your Episodes page for any given Podcast in Castos. That will look something like this:

If you're an existing Castos customer who has recently upgraded to using YouTube Republishig then you can manually trigger a republishing event by clicking the title of any episode and then selecting the "Republish" button from the top of that page.

NOTE: the step above is ONLY for existing podcast episodes that were published before you began the YouTube Republishing feature. The Republishing step happens automatically for all new episodes you publish after you start using the service.

At this time, the YouTube republishing feature does not support series. If you publish multiple shows through Castos all of the episodes from each of your shows (or all of the series) will publish as one feed.

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