Delete a podcast in the Castos dashboard

There might come a time when you decide to close or delete your podcast. ⚠️ Before getting started it's important to know this action cannot be undone. Further, deleting a podcast will not immediately remove a podcast or episode list from the various podcast distribution platforms such as Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

If your goal is to remove your podcast from distribution, we recommend setting your podcast to private for about a week or two before deleting it completely. This will give a headstart in telling the platforms to stop pulling your feed and get it delisted.

Alternatively, if the goal is to temporarily hide episodes or limit access to a podcast, you could change the Published Date of episodes to a date in the future or change a publicly available podcast to a Private podcast

Delete a podcast

1. Sign in to your Castos dashboard and click Settings to open the Podcast Settings page

2. Click Delete Podcast:


If you've deleted a podcast and you see the podcast still listed on a podcast distribution platform, you'll need to consult the platform's help documents or contact their support team for removal of the podcast. 

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