Importing your podcast content from WordPress to Castos

Through Seriously Simple Podcasting you can easily import all of your existing podcast content from your WordPress site to Castos.

There are 2 possibilities when it comes to importing your podcast content to Castos. 

The first scenario is that you've been managing your podcast content outside of WP for some time and are now ready to migrate that content into WordPress and Seriously Simple Podcasting. Visit this help doc to get started.

The second is that you've already been using Seriously Simple Podcasting to manage your podcast content on your WordPress site, but have either been self hosting your files or hosting them elsewhere. In this situation, it is just a one-click import to get that existing WP podcast content into Castos. To get started, follow the steps below.

First, you will need to assign your podcast content to the SSP post type for Podcasts. If you already have posts where you are using a player for an audio file and have content like show notes or descriptions, you will need to change those posts to the Podcast post type by using a plugin like Post Type Switcher.

Upon entering your API credentials in the Podcast -> Settings -> Hosting tab you will see an "Import" tab appear just to the right.  Clicking on this tab will show a screen like this:

Check the "Import your podcast to your Castos hosting account" checkbox and then click the "Trigger Import" button below.

This will sync over all of your podcast episodes and their related media files to Castos and then will update the media file URL for each of those posts so that your podcast feed in WordPress is pulling files from Castos instead of from your previous hosting setup.

Upon triggering this import you will get an automated confirmation email from Castos, and when the process is complete you will get another email from us letting you know that the import is complete.  

You can monitor the progress of your podcast import in your Castos dashboard at any time by going to to the dropdown menu in the top-right corner and selecting "Imports".

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