Redirect your feed to a New Feed URL

Seriously Simple Podcasting allows you to easily redirect your podcast feed from one domain/URL to another. This is an important decision to take in your podcasting setup, however, because altering your feed location will affect services like Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play and Spotify from reading information about your show and its episodes.  

You would ONLY want to redirect your existing podcast feed URL to a new location in one of the following two scenarios:

  • You are changing the domain of your WordPress site or where the podcast is based.  This would be for instance if you change from "" to just "". In this case your podcast feed URL will change and we want to tell places like Apple Podcasts, etc. about this change.
  • If you want to no longer base your podcast feed URL from your WordPress site, but rather from something like a media hosting platform.

To redirect your podcast feed to a new URL you'll need to check this checkbox in the Feed Details area for the relevant feed:

Once you've checked that box and entered your new feed URL below click the Save button at the bottom of the Feed Details tab and your existing SSP generated podcast feed URL will be automatically redirected to the "New podcast feed URL" you just entered.

You can test this by entering the previous SSP generated feed (which follows the structure) into your browser and hitting Enter.  Instead of showing your SSP generated feed it should then automatically take you to the "New podcast feed URL" you entered.  

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