Automatic Podcast Transcription

With Castos you can automatically have every one of your podcast episodes transcribed into a full word-for-word written version. 

This is built into the Castos dashboard now and is available to all Castos hosting customers to opt into.

To get started head over to the Integrations tab in the top-right menu area:

Select the Automated Transcription area, and it will take you to the information page about our transcription service.

Click subscribe to get started. Trial accounts will have access to transcriptions on newly uploaded episodes, while full accounts will be able to transcribe new and previous episodes. 

Note that this is an account-wide feature in which all of your future podcast episodes will be transcribed automatically going forward.

The cost for Castos' transcription service is $0.10/audio minute.  So a 30 minute episode will cost $3, etc.  At the end of your billing month all of the audio minutes that have been transcribed will be automatically added to your existing hosting bill.  

You can see information about your transcription costs at any time by going to the Integrations -> Transcription area of your Castos dashboard.

Additionally in that same Integrations -> Transcription area you can see info about episodes that have been transcribed and those that have not.  If you were previously a Castos customer but had not opted into the Transcription service you can elect to have previously published episodes transcribed at any point.

If at any time you would like to opt out of the podcast transcription service you can do so by clicking the "Cancel Subscription button in the bottom-right corner of that screen.  This will not affect any of the previously transcribed episodes that you've already completed.

Transcriptions are currently only available in English but additional languages will be added to the feature in upcoming releases.

Transcriptions are not editable within the Castos platform. You can however download the text provided and edit in any word processing software to post on your self-hosted website.

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