Automatic Podcast Transcription & Your Castos Account

With Castos you can automatically have every one of your podcast episodes transcribed into a full word-for-word written version.  Once you have opted into the service each episode you publish will automatically be transcribed and added to the episode.

✐ Note that this is an account-wide feature in which all of your future podcast episodes will be transcribed automatically going forward.

The cost for Castos' transcription service is $0.10/audio minute, so a 30 minute episode will cost $3.00. At the end of your billing month all of the audio minutes that have been transcribed will be automatically added to your account and you will receive a receipt for the minutes transcribed. You can see information about your transcription costs at any time by going to the Integrations -> Transcription area of your Castos dashboard.

If at any time you would like to opt-out of the podcast transcription service you can do so by clicking the "Cancel Subscription button in the bottom-right corner of the transcription screen.  Removing the service doesn't affect your already transcribed episodes and your existing transcripts will remain with your episodes.

A few important considerations:

  • Transcriptions are currently only available in English but additional languages will be added to the feature in upcoming releases.
  • Transcriptions are not editable within the Castos platform. You can however download the text provided and edit in any word processing software to post on your self-hosted website.

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