Multiple Podcasts

One of the most popular features of Castos Hosting is the ability to host multiple podcast shows from one account. Each podcast has its own RSS feed URL that you can customize with its own cover art, descriptions, categories allowing you to publish several shows to the distribution outlets of your choice. Each new podcast you publish will also have its own analytics.

You can create multiple podcasts in both the Castos App and also in the Seriously Simple Podcasting Plugin if you are using WordPress. The setup instructions for users without a WordPress site are below. For complete WordPress instructions see our docs on Working with Podcast Series.

Creating an Additional Podcast in Castos

  1. Go to the Podcast tab and click the button to "Create a New Podcast".
  2. Complete the Settings information providing your Feed Details and Web Details. Note your different RSS feed URL.
  3. Under Podcasts you will now see the new show listed. You can add episode by clicking on the 'New Episode' link.

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