Migrate your podcast from PowerPress and Blubrry to your WordPress website

Move your podcast and episodes from PowerPress and Blubrry to your WordPress website using our Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin. 

To make sure the process goes smoothly, we recommend validating the RSS feed before importing your podcast: Review and validate the RSS feed

If you have both PowerPress and Seriously Simple Podcasting running at the same time on your WordPress site by default the PowerPress feed will be the one visible to podcasting directories and podcasting apps. If you want to view the feed(s) that Seriously Simple Podcasting is generating then you'll want to Disable the Powerpress plugin.

Migrating A Single Podcast

If you're using the default podcast in PowerPress and only want to migrate that one show over to Seriously Simple Podcasting then it's just a matter of copying over the required fields in your RSS feed to the Podcasting > Settings > Feed Details area of your WordPress dashboard. This recreation of your RSS feed from the one that PowerPress created will ensure continuity with podcasting directories and apps so that your show continues to be available to listeners throughout this process.

From there since PowerPress normally only uses the default Post post type in WordPress you'll want to ensure that option is selected in the Podcasting > Settings > General area of your WP dashboard.

This enables podcast functionality in the regular blog Post area of your site.

Once these two things are done check out one of your podcast episode posts.  Scrolling down below the main post body you should see a meta box called "Podcast Episode Details". There you ought to see the media file of your episode. If you're hosting your files on a 3rd party hosting platform that will be the URL there, and if you're self-hosting on your WordPress site (shame on you, but it's ok :) ) then it will be an internal media link.

Always best to open that link in a new window to ensure that the file plays without any issues. This is what your listeners will be experiencing.

Once you've checked this and all looks good you can disable the PowerPress plugin and you will see the SSP-generated RSS Feed. Again it's a good idea to manually test things there to ensure that you see the episodes you're expecting to and that the media files play as you'd expect.

The last check is to run your new SSP-based feed through the two feed validators that we like to use: castfeedvalidator.com and podba.se - both use slightly different criteria and check different parts of your feed. Using both you get a comprehensive view of the validity of your feed.

Multiple Podcasts Migration

If you are using Category feeds in PowerPress currently then you will need to associate all of the Category feed episodes with their corresponding new Series in SSP. That's about the only place where Seriously Simple Podcasting and PowerPress don't have a direct 1:1 correlation. 

SSP does, of course, have Series (our way to create multiple Podcasts), but that is defined by a custom taxonomy within the plugin, not by conventional post tags or categories.  

If you are using tags or categories to build your feed currently we'd just suggest creating a new Series, which is an entirely new podcast and corresponding RSS Feed.

From there you can bulk edit all of the posts with that Category or Tag into the corresponding Series.  This way all those episodes will be assigned to that new feed.  

Once you have the episodes assigned to the proper Series within SSP you can deactivate PowerPress on your site and the SSP-generated feed will take over. 

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