Migrate your podcast from PowerPress and Blubrry to your WordPress website

Move your podcast and episodes from PowerPress and Blubrry to your WordPress website using our Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin. 

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Migrating multiple podcasts

To make sure the process goes smoothly, we recommend validating the RSS feed before importing your podcast: Review and validate the RSS feed

If you have both PowerPress and Seriously Simple Podcasting running at the same time on your WordPress site, by default the PowerPress feed will be the one visible to podcasting directories and podcasting apps.

If you want to view the feed(s) that Seriously Simple Podcasting is generating, disable the Powerpress plugin.

Migrating a single podcast

  1. If you're using the default podcast in PowerPress and only want to migrate that one show over to Seriously Simple Podcasting, copy over the relevant required fields in your RSS feed to PodcastingSettingsFeed Details for match with your current PowerPress RSS feed.

Manually recreating your RSS feed from the one that PowerPress created will ensure continuity with the podcasting directories and apps so that your show continues to be available to listeners throughout this process.

  1. Since PowerPress normally uses the default Post post type in WordPress, ensure that option is selected in PodcastingSettingsGeneral. This enables podcast functionality in the regular blog Post area of your site.
  2. Inspect one of your podcast episode posts by scrolling to locate the Podcast Episode Details meta box and observing the media file associated with your episode. If you are using a third-party hosting platform, the URL of your file will be displayed. Alternatively, if you are self-hosting on your WordPress site, the link will be an internal media link.

  1. Open the provided link in a new window to ensure the file plays smoothly, reflecting the experience your listeners will have.
  2. After confirming playback is satisfactory, deactivate the PowerPress plugin. This action will reveal the SSP-generated RSS Feed.
  3. Check your Seriously Simple Podcasting-generated feed to verify that the expected episodes are present and that the media files play correctly. You can do this by entering your RSS feed into a Chrome or Firefox browser window:

  1. For the final check, validate your new Seriously Simple Podcasting RSS feed

Migrating multiple podcasts

If your current setup involves Category feeds in PowerPress, it's necessary to associate each Category feed episode with its respective new podcast or series in the Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin.

Also note that there's a divergence between Seriously Simple Podcasting and PowerPress in this specific aspect. While Seriously Simple Podcasting allows for multiple podcasts (formerly known as series), this distinction is established through a custom taxonomy within the plugin, as opposed to core WordPress post tags or categories.

For those currently utilizing tags or categories to structure their feed, it's recommended to create a new Series in Seriously Simple Podcasting, essentially forming a new podcast along with its corresponding RSS Feed.

Following this, perform a bulk edit on all posts associated with that Category or Tag, assigning them to the newly created Series. This ensures that all episodes are linked to the appropriate feed.

Once the episodes are correctly assigned to the designated Series in Seriously Simple Podcasting, you can deactivate PowerPress on your site, allowing the SSP-generated feed to seamlessly take over.

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