Restoring a previous /podcast page in WordPress

Seriously Simple Podcasting uses the /podcast slug for the podcast archive page on your WordPress site by default. If you were already using this URL or slug for other purposes, enabling the podcast can replace that page. If you wish to restore your previous page at this URL you have two options:

  1. If you wish to continue to use the plugin with a different URL slug, see this article for instructions on how to change it. Once you've changed the podcast URL slug, repeating step 2 above should restore your previous /podcast page.
  2. Disable the plugin and restore the previous /podcast page
    1. Deactivate the Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin under the Plugins link on your WordPress dashboard.
    2. Go to Settings Permalinks, and click Save.
    3. That's it! Your /podcast page should be as it was before you installed Seriously Simple Podcasting.

Most things involving Custom Post Types in WordPress will require you to Resave your permalink structure in order for the Custom Post Type change to take place.  Doing this is always a good troubleshooting step if you're stuck.

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