Multiple Podcasts: Customizing Your Podcasts URL


Prior to Seriously Simple Podcasting 2.14, additional podcasts were referred to as a Series. These URLs will reflect series as the podcasts slug.

As of Seriously Simple Podcasting version 2.14, creators have the ability to customize the URL for their additional podcasts.

By default, when creating additional podcasts your podcast URL will look like the following 

But you can now customize this and change podcasts to any word you would like. We call this the podcasts slug. For example, if you have a podcast network and you refer to your podcasts as shows, you can change this slug to shows


Go to Podcasting > Settings > General

Update the Podcasts slug to your preferred slug.

Click Save Settings


Changing the podcasts or series slug will update your permalink structure for your additional podcasts. Any links that have already been shared or indexed by search engines will break without proper redirects in place.

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