Podcast episodes aren't importing to Castos from Seriously Simple Podcasting

Depending on your website setup there are a few reasons why an episode you've published from your WordPress site might not have synced to your Castos account. Please take a look at the steps below, and if these don't resolve the issue you're seeing please reach out to us so we can help further.

Your New Episode Failed to Upload 

When you add a new episode and you do not see the blue progress bar at the top of the editing window, the following reason may apply:

You don't have the API key entered under Settings Hosting.
Fix: Add your API key and upload a test file by creating a new episode. If you do not see the blue import bar at the top of the screen take a look at the next items on the list.

You have a plugin that is preventing you from connecting to Castos
Fix: Plugins like Hide My Site, Under Construction, or any Coming Soon plugin will prevent your site from talking to the rest of the internet. If you are building your site in a prelaunch stage you will need to turn that plugin off before you trigger the import. Once the import is complete you can turn it back on, but keep in mind any new episode you try to publish won't sync to Castos.

You are using a Security Plugin
Fix: The upload process between the SSP plugin and Castos is done via the REST API. If you are using a plugin like WordFence that limits REST API access on your site, the import process will not work. Consult the documentation for the suspected plugins to change settings or disable the plugin.

Your Import Fails When Importing During Setup

During setup, if you have a bulk upload ready to import into the Castos dashboard that does not sync, the following reason may apply:

You do not have a media URL associated with the podcast file.
Fix: Castos will only recognize files that have a media file attached, so verify that ALL of your Podcast posts. If you have imported that content from another service using an external RSS feed, make sure you see the URL to the raw audio file under Podcast Episode Details.

You are behind a firewall blocking the connection.
Fix: Consult your hosting provider to see how you can add the Castos servers to your network whitelist.

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