Submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts

Publish your podcast on Apple Podcasts by submitting your podcast’s RSS feed URL. Once Apple Podcasts has processed and accepted the RSS feed, your existing episodes and episodes you add in the future will be published on Apple Podcasts automatically.

Before submitting your podcast's RSS feed, you should ensure that it meets the podcasting RSS feed requirements and has no fatal errors on

Copy the RSS feed URL in Castos

1. Sign in to your Castos dashboard and click Settings to open the Podcast's Settings page

2. Select the Distribution tab

3. Copy your podcast’s Public RSS feed URL

Note: Only public RSS feeds can be submitted to Apple Podcasts for distribution, submitting a private podcast will fail.

Submit the RSS feed to Apple Podcasts

1. Use your Apple ID to sign in to your Apple Podcasts Connect account.

2. Click the + icon to add a new podcast.

3. Select Add a show with an RSS feed and enter the RSS feed URL copied from your Castos dashboard, click Next.

  1. Grant show access to everyone and continue.
  2. The show will be in a draft state and show details will reflect the following

    We’re still processing your show details. Check back later and then click Publish.

  3. After about an hour or so (sometimes sooner), refresh the page and you'll see a Publish button appear along with your show's details.

  4. Select your show's update frequency, select the content rights of your show, and click Save.
  5. Click Publish.

Congratulations, your show is now available on Apple Podcasts!

You'll find your new Apple Podcasts show URL within the show details section.

If an issue prevents Apple Podcasts from accepting the RSS feed, the Apple Podcasts Connect Help site includes information to assist. 

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