Set up the LifterLMS Integration with Seriously Simple Podcasting

In order to automatically add students from LifterLMS into a Private Podcast you have on your WordPress site you can follow the instructions below.

LifterLMS is an industry-leading course software for WordPress.  And with Seriously Simple Podcasting's direct integration you can automate the process of adding (and removing) students to your LifterLMS course to a Private Podcast you've set up on your WordPress site and Castos account.

Note: you will need LifterLMS, Seriously Simple Podcasting, and a Castos account to complete this integration.

1. Create your first Podcast in WordPress using Seriously Simple Podcasting

Seriously Simple Podcasting comes with a default podcast already created, you just need to give it a name.  

If you'd like to create multiple podcasts on the same WordPress site you can do so by exploring SSP's Series functionality.

2. Create a course in WordPress using LifterLMS

3. Connect your WordPress site to your Castos account with the Castos API key

4. Assign rules to add students to particular courses to Private Podcasts in Castos

In the example above now every time that a new student joins the "Free Course Lead Magnet Template" course they will be added as a Private Subscriber to the "Second Series" private podcast.

Here's more information about the listener experience and what your students can expect from private podcasting at Castos.

Private Subscriber Limits

Castos Hosting Subscription Tier Max Private Subscribers
Starter 100
Growth 250
Pro 500

Additional Private Subscribers above 500 will be charged at a price of $50/month per bundle of additional 500 subscribers. This add-on will automatically be added to your Pro plan subscription once you cross the 500 subscriber threshold to 501+ subscribers. 

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