Set up the WooCommerce Memberships integration with Seriously Simple Podcasting

With Castos and the WooCommerce Memberships integration, you can immediately provide your members with access to your private podcast hosted with Castos.


  • Seriously Simple Podcasting 2.18 or later connected to an active Castos Podcast Hosting Account (Start your free trial)
  • WooCommerce + WooCommerce Memberships (Paid third-party plugin) installed and activated

Create your new Private Podcast in Seriously Simple Podcasting


Go to Podcasting > All Podcasts


Enter your desired podcast title, and the slug you would like to use, and then click  Add New Podcast


After the new podcast has been added, click Edit Feed Details and update the relevant podcast details along with uploading a cover image. Click Save Settings

Make the new podcast Private in Castos


Within your Castos dashboard, go to the new podcast's Settings > Distribution > Visibility tab


Click Podcast is Private.

Define Memberships in Seriously Simple Podcasting


Products must already be created and assigned to Memberships, please review the WooCommerce Memberships' for more information.


In WordPress, go to Podcasting > Settings > Integrations and check Enable WooCommerce Memberships Integration, click Save Settings


Click the textbox of the Private Podcast and Select the WooCommerce Memberships whose subscribers will be added as Private Subscribers to your Castos dashboard. 


Click Save Settings

Private Subscriber Limits

Castos Hosting Subscription Tier Max Private Subscribers
Essentials 100
Growth 250
Pro 500

Additional Private Subscribers above 500 will be charged at a price of $50/month per bundle of additional 500 subscribers. This add-on will automatically be added to your Pro plan subscription once you cross the 500 subscriber threshold to 501+ subscribers. 

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