Submit your podcast to RadioPublic

Note: You can find your Castos RSS feed by going to Distribution → Visibility in Castos or Podcasting → Settings → Feed Details in WordPress using Seriously Simple Podcasting if you prefer submitting that to the directories

  1. From RadioPublic’s podcast signup page, enter your RSS feed.
  2. Click Link podcast.
  3. Once successfully validated, click Next.
  4. For email verification, confirm the email address RadioPublic found in the RSS feed and click Send email.
  5. Check your email for the podcast verification email and click Yes, this is my podcast link to confirm ownership.
  6. Click Continue signup from the email confirmation screen.
  7. Read and agree to RadioPublic’s Terms of Service by checking the checkmark I agree, then click Next.
  8. Click Complete signup after opting in or out of RadioPublic’s marketing course via email.
  9. Click View on RadioPublic next to your podcast title on the next screen.
  10. Copy the link to this page to add it to your podcast’s Distribution → Directories → RadioPublic subscribe link.
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