My podcast is locked, what do I do?

If you're trying to import your podcast's RSS feed to Castos (or even outside of Castos) and you're presented with a notice that it's locked, it means that the <podcast:locked> tag is enabled. This Podcast 2.0 RSS tag is used to help protect your content.

Now, not all podcast hosts use this new tag or honor the tag when importing podcasts, but Castos does respect this tag if your current host enables it.

We've compiled a list of third-party podcast hosts who do support this tag in their RSS feeds and how to manage the setting. This list is not exhaustive so if your feed is locked and you're not using one of the podcast hosts below, you may need to consult their help center or support team for more information.

Your non-Castos RSS feed is locked

Your Castos RSS feed or Seriously Simple Podcasting RSS feed is locked

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