Pair your Private Podcast with MemberSpace

Monetize your private podcast with membership software like MemberSpace.

Our direct integration with MemberSpace provides an automated solution for managing subscribers and monetizing your private podcast.

What you’ll need to get started: 

  • a private podcast hosted by Castos
  • a MemberSpace account
  • a free Stripe account integrated with MemberSpace

Create a Member Plan

1. Sign into your MemberSpace dashboard and select Member Plans

2. Select Recurring Payments from the menu:


3. Give your plan a name and use the remaining settings to customize the details.

Connect your Castos and MemberSpace accounts

1. Sign into your Castos dashboard > click the account name and select Integrations from the menu:


2. Click REST API

3. Copy your API token:


4. In your MemberSpace dashboard, select Customize > Integrations:


5. Select Castos:


6. Paste your Castos API token

7. Click Integrate with Castos

8. Select the appropriate Member Plan and Private Podcast title

9. Click Update Now:


The new Member Plan will now be added to your MemberSpace dashboard.

Invite your audience to subscribe

1. In your MemberSpace dashboard, click Get sign up link to copy the link to your clipboard:


2. Share the link across social media, in email campaigns, SMS marketing messages, and in the show notes of your public podcast episodes.

Each time a new subscriber clicks the link and signs up for your private podcast, Castos will automatically send them a unique code and step-by-step instructions for how they can access the show using their favorite podcast player app.

For more information, check out this step-by-step guide created by our friends at MemberSpace

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