Create a Private Podcast in Castos

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Instead of having a podcast available to the general public, a private podcast is accessed by individuals or groups invited by the podcaster to subscribe. 

Private podcasts are perfect for:

  • Premium content subscriptions
  • Communicating company-wide updates
  • Engaging association or group members
  • Corporate training courses
  • Continuing education courses
  • E-learning courses

Recording content for a private podcast isn’t much different than a publicly available podcast. The key change is in the distribution.

Create a private podcast

1. Sign in to your Castos dashboard

2. Click Add New Podcast

3. Give your private podcast a title and click Continue:


Next, you’ll add the ingredients needed to create a podcast and generate the private RSS feed.


Add the first episode

After clicking Continue you’ll be redirected to the Add New Episode page.

1. Enter the episode title and description or show notes

2. Click Upload Media to upload the episode file.

For audio-based podcast episodes, this should be an MP3 file. If you’re a Castos Pro Plan subscriber publishing a video-based episode, this should be an MP4 file.


Enter remaining info about the episode if it applies.

3. Click Publish Episode

Enter details about your podcast 

1. Click Settings to open the Podcast Settings page:


2. Select Feed Details:


3. Enter your podcast description 

4. Upload your podcast’s artwork

5. Enter the remaining information and click Save Podcast Details

Claim your Castos podcast website URL

Castos creates a custom website for your podcast complete with its own URL. 

1. Click Website Settings


2. Review the unique URL created for your podcast:


3. If you’re satisfied with the URL, click Save Podcast Details. If not, edit the “slug” section of the URL before clicking Save Podcast Details.

NOTE: After this step is complete, the URL cannot be changed


Congratulations! You’ve created your podcast

The final step will limit access by making your podcast PRIVATE.  

1. Click Distribution:


2. By default, the RSS feed is public. To change this, click Podcast is Private:


This will update the screen to include the new Private Podcast RSS feed:


3. Click Save Podcast Details

Hide the Castos podcast website

This step is optional but it’s not uncommon for creators of private podcasts to also want to hide the podcast website created by Castos. 

1. Return to the Website Settings tab 

2. Click the Show Podcast Website toggle to change the setting from Yes to NO:


3. Click Save Podcast Details

Next: Add individual subscribers to a private podcast


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