Setting up the Stripe integration for Private Podcasting

Use our Stripe integration to automatically add subscribers to a private podcast when checkout has been completed, an invoice has been paid, or any of the other available triggers.

What you'll need to get started:

  • A Stripe account. Setting up a Stripe account is FREE. For additional info, please visit their Pricing page
  • A private podcast hosted by Castos

Connect Stripe

1. In your Castos dashboard, click the Automations tab 

2. Click Connect Stripe

3. Click Connect with Stripe and follow the steps to complete the process:



Create a rule

1. In your Castos dashboard, click the Automations tab > click + Add Automation

2. To set up the trigger event, select Stripe as the integration and select a trigger from the dropdown menu:


3. Select the action you’d like the event to trigger and the title the private podcast:


4. Click Save Rule

5. On the Automations page, click the toggle to set the rule as Active to begin automating the process of adding or removing subscribers from your private podcast:



With Castos' integration with Stripe you can now accept payments from your audience as a gateway to adding those supporters to your private podcasts.


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