Redirecting your RSS feed from Castos to a new feed URL

If you need to redirect your Castos based RSS feed FROM Castos TO a new URL (such as if you're moving to another platform, or want to start basing your podcast feed from your WordPress site) you can do that right from your Castos dashboard.  

In the Podcast area of your Castos dashboard click the "Edit Podcast" button for the podcast feed that you want to redirect:

Once on this page scroll all the way to the bottom until you see the Advanced Options button:

Clicking this will reveal a new field where you can enter the New Feed URL that you want to forward your existing Castos feed to:

Enter the new feed URL you'll be basing your podcast on in the future from here.  

Please note that this will take effect immediately so you want to make sure that you have both the New Feed set up and validated in places like and/or before you redirect your existing feed URL to the new one.  You'll also want to make sure that you have your podcast episodes published under this new feed before forwarding.

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