Castos or WordPress: Where should I publish my podcast?

Castos customers have the option to either manage their podcasts in Castos, or – if they have a WordPress website – manage their podcast in WordPress using our Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin (SSP).

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Manage your podcast in WordPress with Seriously Simple Podcasting

Manage your podcast in Castos

  • Creating podcasts and publishing episodes will take place in your Castos dashboard.
  • Castos will automatically create a custom webpage for your podcast complete with a unique URL similar to this example:
  • When a new podcast is created and you've added a description, selected categories, uploaded a cover image and at least 1 episode, etc., Castos will generate a unique RSS feed URL for you to submit to podcast listening platforms like Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.
  • Migrating your podcast to Castos from another hosting service? Enter the existing the RSS feed URL and we'll get to work. 

Manage your podcast in WordPress with Seriously Simple Podcasting

Note on Plugin → Castos Syncing

If you have connected Castos to your WordPress page via the plugin and API, we recommend managing your podcast fully from WordPress. Think of the plugin as "pushing" your podcast data and episodes to Castos for safe keeping then returning Castos-hosted audio file URLs.

If you make a change to your podcast on Castos, those changes will not be synced back to WordPress.

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