Set up the Paid Memberships Pro integration with Seriously Simple Podcasting

Automate and manage Private Podcast subscribers using our direct integration with Paid Memberships Pro.

What you’ll need to get started:

  • up-to-date version of our Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin (SSP)
  • SSP connected to your Castos hosting account
  • active account with Paid Memberships Pro (PMPro) 
  • up-to-date version of PMPro installed on your WordPress website
  • a private podcast

1. In your WordPress Admin dashboard, go to Memberships > Settings

2. Create one or more Membership Levels:


3. Click Save Level

4. Go to Podcasting > Settings > Integrations:


5. Select which podcast you’d like to limit to Paid Memberships Pro members only:


6. Click Save Settings

When a new member joins a membership level, they will be added automatically to your Private Podcast Subscribers in Castos and send them an email inviting them to subscribe to the show.

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