Creating a private podcast in WordPress

Create a private podcast in WordPress using our Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin (SSP).

When managing your podcast in WordPress using SSP you can make any Podcast private, whether it be the default podcast or an additional Series.

What to know about Castos + SSP and Private Podcasts:

  • Episode posts will not be visible on the front end of your WordPress site. This includes your blog and podcast feeds, and any archive pages.
  • Episodes will NOT appear in the RSS feed
  • A private podcast is not visible to website visitors.
  • Only listeners added to the Subscribers page in your Castos dashboard will be able to access your content via the private RSS feed or the Castos mobile app for iOS and Android. Additional details can be found in our help article: Add and Manage Private Podcast Subscribers
  • Marking a podcast as Private in SSP does NOT enable any website-level password protection or content restriction based on user levels. If you're interested in member-level authentication we recommend checking out our SSP + Paid Memberships Pro integration.

Mark a Podcast as Private

  1. Sign in to your WordPress Admin dashboard
  2. Go to PodcastingSettingsFeed Details
  3. Select Yes for Set Podcast To Private
  4. Click Save Settings
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