Add and Manage Private Podcast Subscribers in Castos

Creators of private podcasts have 2 options to allow listener access: 

  1. Share a link to the private RSS feed generated by Castos with your subscribers. This option is best when your audience is a group of individuals that isn't likely to change over time.  
  2. Add individual subscribers in Castos. This options is best when you'd like to grant access to listeners while also having the flexibility to revoke access if needed. 

Option #1: Share the private RSS feed link

1. Sign into your Castos dashboard and click Settings to open the Podcast Settings page

2. Select Distribution 

3. Copy the RSS feed link:


4. Share the link with your subscribers along with our help article that will guide them through the process of subscribing to a podcast using the RSS feed URL

Option #2: Add individual subscribers

1. Sign into your Castos dashboard and select the Subscribers tab:


2. On the Subscribers dashboard, click + New Contact:



3. Enter the subscribers name and email address and select which Private Podcast you'd like to invite them to and click Add:


4. Your newly new added subscriber will receive an email invite containing instructions based on the option you've selected in your Castos dashboard:

Go to My Account > Podcast Settings > select an option for Private Subscriber Invite Settings:


Castos Mobile app: Invite subscribers to add your podcast to their Castos mobile app Library 

Private RSS feed: Invite subscribers to copy the Private RSS feed link and use it to add your podcast to their library on a podcast listening app other than Castos 

NOTE: the Private Subscriber Invite Setting will apply to all Private Podcasts managed in your Castos dashboard. 

Manage Subscribers

After subscribers have been added to your dashboard, open the menu for additional options including resending their activation link or revoking access:


As more subscribers are added to your private podcast, additional tracking options and listener analytics become available:


Want to learn more? Check out our in-depth walkthrough video:

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