Castos Commerce: Disable Castos Commerce

Disabling Castos Commerce will not cancel your supporters' recurring subscriptions in Stripe.

Disabling Castos Commerce will remove any content restrictions and remove the ability to collect payments. Commerce analytics will also no longer be collected. You will be responsible for offboarding any of your current supporters/subscribers who have recurring subscriptions if you're no longer podcasting, if you no longer want to monetize, or if you're moving your podcast to a different podcast host.

To Disable Commerce:

  1. Click Settings for the podcast you wish to disable Castos Commerce for.
  2. Click Monetization from the sub-menu.
  3. Click Castos Commerce.
  4. Click Danger Zone.
  5. Press Disable Castos Commerce button.

Reenabling Castos Commerce

If you would like to reenable Castos Commerce for a podcast, you can do so from this same Danger Zone screen.

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