Alitu integration: Publish episodes directly to Castos

Record and edit podcast episodes in Alitu, then publish directly to Castos.

What you'll need: Alitu account 

Connect Alitu

1. Sign into your Castos dashboard and click the account name

2. Select Integrations from the menu

3. Click REST API > copy your API token:


4. Sign into your Alitu account

5. Go to the episode you'd like to publish and click Preview and Publish

6. Click Setup Hosting > select Link to Castos:


7. Paste the REST API token copied from your Castos dashboard

8. Click Login

Now that Castos and Alitu are connected, a Publish to Castos button will be added to the Preview and Publish page for each episode:


Interested in learning more about Alitu? Be sure to their visit their Help Center for more information.



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