FAQ – Podcast Management

I uploaded the wrong episode media file. Should I delete the episode and create a new one?

No. To replace the existing file, sign into your Castos dashboard and click View Episodes. Click the episode's title to open the Episode Details page and click Upload Media. Select the correct file and click Save Episode Details.

I host more than one podcast and I accidentally added a new episode to the wrong show. Do I need to delete the episode and upload it again?

Not necessary. You can move episodes from one podcast to another in Castos

Can I change the order my episodes appear in?

You sure can. Episodes appear in order of Published date. To reorder the episodes, update the Published date for each in the order you'd like them to appear. Sign into your Castos dashboard > click View Episodes > click the episode title > change the Published date > click Save Episode Details.  

Why are older episodes missing on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or other podcast listening platforms?

By default, your podcast's RSS feed contains 25 episodes but this can be increased or decreased at any time as needed by the following this step-by-step guide.

I need to remove an episode from our podcast but I can't find the Delete button. Where is it?

Are you signed in as a Collaborator? If you don't see the option to Delete Episode, contact the Admin of your Castos account for assistance. The option to delete an episode is limited to the Admin role. 

Why can't I change the image I use when republishing episodes on YouTube?

Although episodes are republished automatically, YouTube doesn't support podcast RSS feeds the same way podcast directories use RSS feeds to update their platforms. In other words, once the image is submitted to YouTube via our integration it can't be updated from your Castos dashboard. To update the image, contact our support team (hello@castos.com) to ask for the existing image to be removed. Once the image is deleted a new image file can be uploaded. 

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