Migrating your podcast from Soundcloud

Moving your podcast from Soundcloud to Castos is a breeze, and just involves a couple of steps.  

First, you'll want to get all of your existing podcast content migrated over. For this we will just need your RSS feed from Soundcloud.  You can find this by heading to the Upper Right menu item (the three bubbles) and choosing Settings.  

Your RSS feed is at the top of that page and should look something like this:

From there our team will import all of your existing Soundcloud content into Castos.

Once that is complete you'll want to redirect your podcast RSS feed FROM Soundcloud TO your new RSS feed either in WordPress (if you're using our Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin to manage your RSS feed) or your Castos based feed.  

To do this copy the feed URL from either your WP dashboard (Podcast -> Settings -> Feed Details) or your Castos dashboard by clicking "Edit Podcast" in the main Podcast dashboard area.  

Enter your new RSS feed in the "Subscriber Redirect" area of that same Settings page in Soundcloud:

Redirecting your existing RSS feed from Soundcloud will tell both podcast directories like Apple Podcasts (iTunes), Stitcher, and Google Podcasts that your podcast is now located at that New Feed URL location. Additionally, all of your existing podcast subscribers will be automatically redirected to this new feed URL to get information about your show like new episodes.

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