Migrate your podcast from Podigee

Migrating your podcast to Castos can be quick. When creating your Castos-managed podcast account, you will be prompted to import an RSS feed. You will want to add your Podigee RSS feed URL to this window and continue through the onboarding process. Be sure to visit Podcast Settings >Feed Details with the same selections you used previously in Podigee so your new feed will match your existing feed.

If you already have an existing Castos account and will be adding an additional feed from Podigee, you can import a new RSS feed by visiting https://app.castos.com/import-external while in your account dashboard. Add the RSS feed URL and allow time for the new episodes to import. Then create a new Podcast by going to Podcasts > Action > Add New Podcast, then fill out the Feed Details and click save. When all of the new episodes are imported to the primary feed you will need to assign each one to the new podcast by going to the episode page and assigning the correct podcast in the drop-down window under Podcast. In this screenshot you can see the Podcast for this Episode is designated as the Blue and Yellow Cast.

The last step is to redirect your previous Podigee RSS feed to your new Castos feed. This redirection will let Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, and all other podcast apps know that your podcast is now located at your "New Feed URL", which looks something like myshow.castos.com/feed

In your Podigee dashboard enter that New Feed URL (your new RSS feed from Castos) in this area:

Once you have saved this setting the redirection should take effect immediately.  

To test this simply enter your previous Podigee RSS Feed into your browser address bar, and it should instantly redirect you to your Castos RSS feed.  

Once this is done you'll want to leave that Podigee redirect (and keep your Podigee account) active for a full week to ensure that all podcasting directories and apps have your New Podcast Feed updated.

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