Disabling Castos Podcast Pages

If you want to restrict access to your podcast content the first step is to remove the built-in Castos Podcast Pages. These are the "myshow.castos.com" microsites that each new Podcast you create on the platform receives.  

If you would like to NOT display each episode on these pages you can do so by navigating to the Podcast menu item and selecting the "Settings" link for the appropriate podcast in your Castos dashboard.  

There in the "Webpage Settings" tab you will see the toggle to "Show Podcast Pages"

By default this setting is set to Yes, so the public podcast pages are displayed for all podcasts you create.

However if you want to create a Private Podcast, or don't want your episodes to be displayed on your Castos podcast pages you can toggle this setting to the NO position, which will hide all of your podcast content on your myshow.castos.com site.

Note, that while this setting affects the podcast pages themselves and the episodes therein it does NOT disable the RSS feed. The RSS feed is essential to anyone being able to subscribe to your podcast directly, and thus is still available. The link for your podcast RSS feed can be found in the "Distribution" tab in that same page of your Castos dashboard.

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