Import your Podcast on WordPress to your Castos Hosting Account

Before importing, connect your WordPress website to your Castos account using the API Key.

Import your existing podcast in Seriously Simple Podcasting to your Castos hosting account.

Podcasts managed in WordPress using our Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin will continue to sync with your Castos hosting account.

Why is this important?

As your podcast’s host, Castos stores all of the content and episode files that would either prevent your WordPress website from loading quickly or even loading at all.

Castos stores all of the episode information and audio/video files. This:

Before Import/Syncing With Castos

Sync with Castos

Sign in to your WordPress Admin dashboard and go to Podcasting → Settings → Import
Check the box for Import your podcast to your Castos hosting account and press Trigger Import:

An on-screen message will notify you that the process of syncing your podcast content on WordPress with Castos.

Check your email: We’ll send a confirmation the import is complete or to notify you if any issues prevented us from completing the process. It can take some time to receive the email depending the size of podcast and episodes. Check your Spam/Junk folder in addition to your inbox in case a few hours have passed.
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