Import a podcast to your WordPress site from podcast hosting service other than Castos

Import podcast episodes from another hosting service to your WordPress site via Seriously Simple Podcasting. 

To make sure the process goes smoothly, we recommend validating the RSS feed before importing your podcast: Review and validate the RSS feed

To perform this import you will just need the RSS feed URL from the show you are looking to import. This will be an RSS feed URL from a podcast hosting platform, or another WordPress site if it is using Seriously Simple Podcasting or other similar plugins to manage a podcast RSS feed.

Importing the podcast to your WordPress site

In the Podcasting  > Settings area you will see an Import tab. Selecting it you will see this view:

Enter that external feed URL into the box highlighted in red above and click the Begin Import Now button.

Podcast Destination Options

If you have either a post type other than the default Podcast selected (such as regular blog Posts, or some other type of Custom Post Type) where you publish your podcast episodes you'll see that as an option as well. This allows you to select what type of post you want to import these new episodes into.

This view will look like this:

Similarly, if you have multiple Podcasts on your WordPress site then you will be able to assign which Podcast you would like to assign these episodes to.  

Note: for a new podcast you need to create that podcast before importing the episodes,

Once you've configured these options (if they are applicable) click the Begin Import Now button to kick off the importer.  You will receive a confirmation message ensuring that you do want to begin the import.

As the importer is bringing in those contents you'll see a log of the progress in this area. Please Do Not Leave This Page while your content is imported.

When the importer is finished (should take just a minute or so) you'll see a confirmation message similar to this:

You can now view these podcast episodes wherever you elected to have them imported into your WordPress site.

Optional Next Steps

If you're a Castos hosting customer you'll now want to import these contents into Castos as well. Fortunately, this is just a click of a button and you're already on the right page.  Simply click the "Import your podcast to your Castos hosting account" button just above the success message shown in the image above, and then click the Trigger Import button to bring all of the episodes and media files over into your Castos account. 

Once this process is finished it will also update the media file URLs for each of your newly imported podcast episodes in WordPress with their Castos-based destinations.

You'll receive an email from us once this import begins and another when it completes letting you know that all of your podcast content has been imported from your WordPress site to Castos.

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