Moving Your Self-Hosted Podcast to the Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin

If you have been podcasting before your move to the Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin, we're happy to know you are ready to make the switch.

You may have been using another plugin — if so check out our setup docs for PowerPress or Libsyn — or you may have been self-hosting your media files.

To start, you'll need to identify how you are currently working with the audio files on your site and whether those files are available on a WordPress Post. The SSP plugin will not work on WordPress Pages, but it is available to use on regular Posts, on the SSP Podcast Post Type, and on other Custom Post Types.

To add a new podcast episode, you will want to add a Podcast by going to New Podcast in the admin bar. Your editing window will look like this and you can begin to create an Episode.

Seriously Simple Podcasting allows you to publish your episodes in the regular blog Post area of your site, using the Podcast post type that SSP creates, or any other post type you have running on your site.

If you are currently using Posts for your audio files, visit Podcasting > Settings > General and click Posts under Podcast Post Types to allow SSP to be available on any Post of your site.

Once set up, you will see the Podcast Episode Details area on any post.

Now, you will need to add the audio to the Podcast Post. 

Copy the URL for the audio file you want to become an SSP Podcast; this could be on another host or if you are self-hosting the file will be in your WordPress dashboard under Media. 

Copy the entire file URL and paste it under Podcast Episodes Details into the Podcast File window. Once you have added all of the content to the page that you would like, click upload and you should see a blue import progress bar on your screen. If you do not, please make sure you have your Castos API key entered under Podcast Settings Hosting.

Once all your podcasts are added or converted on your site, you can trigger the Import process into your Castos account

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