Castos Commerce: Pricing Models

With Castos Commerce, we offer three different ways to monetize your podcast.

  1. Donation
  2. Fixed Price (coming soon)
  3. Subscription (coming soon)


With our Donation model, you can accept single, one-time donations from your listeners, or give them the option to set up recurring monthly donations. Your content will not be restricted, and we'll provide the donation page.

Fixed Price

With our Fixed Priced model, your listeners can pay a one-time fee, set by you, to unlock your content. This would unlock your entire podcast with all episodes, and all future content added to the podcast.


With our Subscription model, your listeners will pay a recurring subscription fee, set by you, for access to your podcast content. If they cancel their subscription or do not renew their subscription, their access to the podcast will be revoked.

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