Migrate Your Podcast from Podbean to Your WordPress Website

Move your podcast and episodes from Podbean to your WordPress website using our Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin. 

We recommend validating the RSS feed before importing your podcast: Review and validate the RSS feed

  1. Sign into your WordPress Admin dashboard and go to Podcasts > Settings > Import
  2. Select Import External Feed
  3. Follow the steps outlined in the following article including the steps for syncing your podcast and episode files with Castos: Import an external RSS feed into your WordPress website
  4. Select Feed Details and enter the details not included in the RSS feed migration (i.e. your podcast’s cover image, categories, etc.)
  5. Before moving onto the next step, copy the RSS feed URL from Podcast > Settings > Publishing:


Redirect the RSS feed

Redirecting the Podbean RSS feed to your podcast’s new feed in Castos is similar to having your mail forwarded to a new home address. In other words, until Apple Podcasts and other podcast listening platforms have had a chance to update their system, we want them to be forwarded (or redirected) to your new RSS feed at Castos if they look to Podbean for your podcast. 

1. Sign into your Podbean dashboard and go to Settings > Feed/iTunes:


2. On the Feed/iTunes page, select Advanced Feed Settings and paste the Castos RSS feed URL as shown below:


3. Click Update Options 

NOTE: We recommend waiting 2 weeks before cancelling your account with Podbean. This will give all the podcast listening platforms enough time to pick up on the changes and move your podcast subscribers to the new RSS feed.

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