Migrate your podcast from Podbean


  • Verify that your existing RSS feed and media files are accessible
  • Verify that all episodes are available within your existing RSS feed. If they are not within the feed, they will not be imported.

For creators that bypass the initial import wizard at sign-up, you can get to the Import screen by logging in to your Castos dashboard > Click the Account Name > select Imports.

On the Imports page, click Import a New Podcast:

Import Wizard

Enter the current RSS feed URL and click Import

From your Castos dashboard, click Settings to open the Podcast Settings page

Select the  Feed Details tab and update all details as needed

Click Save Podcast Details

After the import completes, verify your episode count is correct and that your RSS feed validates.

Import Note

The amount of time it takes to import your podcast will vary from a few minutes to several hours depending on the number and length of episodes.

Redirect your previous RSS feed

From within your podcast settings at Castos, select the Distribution tab and copy your podcast's new RSS feed URL link

Sign in to your Podbean dashboard and go to Settings > Feed/iTunes



On the Feed/iTunes page, select Advanced Feed Settings and paste the Castos RSS feed URL as shown



Click Update Options 

Redirect Note

We recommend waiting 4 weeks before canceling your account with Podbean so that this redirect stays in place. This will allow time for the directories to automatically update your show's RSS information. Why Redirect?

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