What is the maximum file size I can upload?

Podcasts managed in Castos

With Castos Podcast Hosting there are no limits on the number of podcasts or podcast episodes you can create, but there is a generous limit on the size of the file uploaded when uploading audio and video files to your Castos account through WordPress. There are no restrictions on file uploads for Castos only accounts.


Podcasts managed in WordPress

Due to limitations of the API, there is a maximum file size of 200 MB when uploading episodes in WordPress using the Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin.

Upload audio episodes using an MP3 filetype. For audio podcasts, this is the only filetype supported by podcast listening platforms in addition to offering the best listening experience for your subscribers. 

Following our guide for audio encoding you can upload podcast episodes up to approximately 3 hours in duration. These files are roughly 1 MB per audio minute. If you already have a media file that has been sent to you as a WAV file or another large format file by an audio editor you can compress it to a smaller file size using a tool like https://online-audio-converter.com/

Uploading a video episode? Check out Adding Video to Your WordPress Managed Podcast


Seriously Simple Podcasting Plugin Users

If you are self-hosting your podcast files on your WordPress site, you will have upload limits to the Media Library. This setting can range from 4MB to 128MB and is set by your host. You may need to change that upload limit with your host or through a third-party plugin.

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