What is PodPing?

Podping is an alternative to WebSub for the open, RSS based podcasting ecosystem.

Podping allows for rapid, global notification of podcast feed updates. In other words, Podping helps your new podcast episodes or feed updates get out to the world faster than traditional RSS crawling. 

Using the Hive Blockchain, Podping allows a wide variety of podcast hosting platforms like Castos and Seriously Simple Podcasting Plugin to send out instant notifications that your feed has been changed. 

Podcast indexes and apps can then re-poll only the RSS feeds that have changed, becoming more efficient, using fewer resources, and getting new changes out to the world faster. 

Podping is open source, you can see the code and contribute to the project here: GitHub - Podcastindex-org/podping.cloud: The server code that runs a podping.cloud node

If you want to see Podping in action, you can watch the blockchain update in realtime, here: Podping Watcher

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