General settings

When working with the Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin, you will be using a WordPress Custom Podcast Post Type that creates a post specifically for your episode. Each time you publish a new episode, you'll be able to:

  • add text like a description and show notes in the post content.
  • add an audio file that will display in a player on the post.
  • set the Series if you are working with multiple podcasts.
  • add text as an excerpt, if you don't want to use the excerpt created by your theme from the post content.

Podcast episode page 

By default, Seriously Simple Podcasting uses a custom podcast post type to publish your episodes. However, you have the option to change the post type for your episodes to better fit your needs.

To select a post type other than podcast post type, sign in to your WordPress Admin dashboard and go to Podcasting > Settings > General



Select Posts to publish episodes as a WordPress blog post. This will add the episode information fields to the WordPress post editor. When this option selected, episodes will be published from Posts > Add New and podcast episodes are intermingled with blog posts. 

Include podcast in main blog

Select this option if episodes are published as a podcast post type but you'd like to include episodes in your main blog posts. 

Enable Apple Podcasts (previously iTunes) 

Select this optional setting to include Apple Podcasts-specific fields for each episode that is published. 

Important reminder! Before moving on, be sure to click Save Settings 

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