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Your podcast's RSS feed is the container that carries all of your podcast’s episodes, descriptions, cover art, and other information to distribution channels like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, etc.

Podcasting > Settings > Feed details

There are two levels to your show’s feed – the channel level and the item level. The information entered on the Feed details page will complete the channel level.


Title - This is the title of your podcast. It will be displayed to your listeners and subscribers anywhere your podcast is published.

Subtitle - Your podcast’s subtitle that will appear beneath the title on most (but not all) podcast directories.

Author - This is the name of the podcast author or creator. Their name will be listed alongside the podcast in most podcast readers.

Categories - Select categories that will help listeners find your podcast. 

Sub-categories - Subcategories help to further identify your podcast content – not all categories have subcategories, so if you don’t find your category in the list then you can leave this option blank.  


Description / Summary - The description (or summary) of your podcast will tell listeners what your content is about before they subscribe.

Cover Image - Podcast listening platforms require cover art images to stay within very specific guidelines. Without it, they can't publish the podcast. The image must be 1.) a perfect square 2.) between 1400 x 1400px and 3000 x 3000px 3.) have a file size less than 1MB (500kb is optimal) and 4.) JPG or PNG format 5.) RGB colorspace

Owner name - Podcast platforms require the podcast owner’s name. It’s not unusual for the Author and the Owner to be the same person.

Owner email address - Podcast platforms will use this email address to verify ownership or to notify you about an issue with your podcast.

Language - Your podcast language is expressed in ISO-639-2 format and defaults to your site’s language settings. It is not case-sensitive.


Copyright - This is the copyright tag line that appears alongside your podcast in most podcast readers. It’s best to keep this short and to the point.

Podcast funding - Add a link to where listeners can go to donate to your podcast directly or pay for access. More info

Explicit - If your podcast contains explicit language then you must select this option. If only a few of your episodes are explicit then you can leave this option unselected and specify the explicit option on the individual episodes.

Complete - Mark the podcast as Complete when no more episodes will be added.

Locked - prevent other podcast hosting platforms from importing your podcast's RSS feed. By default, the RSS feed is locked.

Source for publish date - Choose to display either the date each episode was published or the date each episode was recorded.

Show Type - Determine the order episodes will appear by selecting either episodic or serial show type.

Media File Prefix - Add a media file prefix in WordPress for Podtrac, Chartable, and other analytics or tracking services.

Episode description - Use the excerpt or post content in the description tag for episodes.

Turbocharge podcast feed - Adding episode transcripts or displaying a large quantity of episodes can overload the RSS feed and make it difficult for podcast platforms to read and process. By turbocharging the RSS feed unnecessary information will be removed from older episodes.

mceclip0.pngRedirect this feed to a new URL and New podcast feed URL

When migrating the podcast from Castos to a new hosting service, check the box and enter the RSS feed URL generated by the new hosting service.

Set Podcast to Private

When managing your podcast in WordPress using SSP you can make any Podcast private, whether it be the default podcast or an additional Series.

Subscribe button links - Add subscribe button links to your site by entering a link to your show on each platform. Links will be displayed below the Seriously Simple Podcasting player. Want to add more subscribe button options? Go to Podcasting > Options > select the podcast listening platform you’d like to add > Save Options

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