Move your podcast to a new WordPress website

Looking to move your podcast from one WordPress website to another?

This might be the case for a variety of reasons including:

  • You’re merging your content with another website and need to move your podcast to an already existing site. 
  • You're redesigning or restructuring your website, starting from scratch with a new theme.
  • You want to update a staging site with just your podcast episodes. 

Using a WordPress website migration or backup plugin will help avoid bringing over unwanted files or database tables.

Why can’t I just import the RSS feed?

The Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin (SSP) stores data in your WordPress database that isn't included in your podcast’s RSS feed (e.g. Castos episode IDs, file IDs, and post IDs). To make sure your podcast will work on your new website you'll need to move all the data the plugin stores + the information included in your RSS feed.

Before getting started…

1. Make sure the new website has the exact same version of WordPress and the SSP plugin installed as the website you're leaving.

2. Create backups of both WordPress websites

Move an existing SSP podcast to a new WordPress installation

In the steps below, we'll call the website you're leaving: Old site A

and the website you're moving to: New site B

  1. On new site B, install and set up the SSP plugin using our Setup Guide (skip the step to connect your account to Castos hosting for now). 
  2. Is the podcast being added to new site B as a new Series (podcast show)? If so, complete the steps outlined in the following article at this point: Working With Multiple Podcasts.
  3. Export your podcast episodes from old site A: In the WordPress dashboard of old site A, go to Tools > Export > select Podcasts > click Download Export File (Pro tip: save the file to your desktop or a location you can easily find later):


4. In the WordPress Admin dashboard of new site B, go to Tools > select Import > Run Importer:


If you're prompted to install the WordPress Importer plugin, click Install and follow the on-screen steps to import the XML file.

5. In the WordPress Admin dashboard of new site B, go to Podcast > All Episodes > click each episode and check the box to assign it to the appropriate podcast series if needed:


   If you have a lot of episodes, doing this from the list table is quicker than opening each post individually.

   6.  Redirect the RSS feed from old site A to new site B Redirect your feed to a New Feed URL

   7. Connect new site B to your Castos hosting account using the API Key

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